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Organic Advertising Space

  • Do Facebook ads work? Maybe.
  • Does word-of-mouth work? If you're a true marketer, you know the real answer.

We realize the FLKR LYTR can help companies increase their brand awareness - organically.

99.9%  of Cannabis consumers carry a lighter, we help your company get the organic, word-of-mouth brand exposure and impressions your organization is looking for. We believe FLKR carriers (customers) Keep their lighter more time than their conventional lighter usage time.

Want your company logo branded on the FLKR LYTR?  Ask us today for pricing packages and negotiations!. The FLKR LYTR is here to boost your brand awareness.

Bronze Program: 

  • 500 Pieces - FLKR Branded.
  • Best Option for Small scale Businesses (Start Here Guys!!)

Silver Program:

  • 1000 Pieces -Owner branded.
  • Targeting Medium Scale Businesses (Push more on Marketing).

Gold program:

  • 2500 Pieces + Silver Program Benefits
  • Established Businesses (Excite your customer more with FLKR).