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FLKR LYTR Outer Space - $12.99

FLKR LYTR Outer Space - $12.99

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The FLKR LYTR (flicker lighter) space edition! 

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Learn how to use your new lighter case.

Thank you for purchasing yourself a FLKR LYTR! This video will help clarify which lighter to insert into the FLKR for maximum enjoyment! Follow us on social media to get updates on new deigns and colors.

Welcome to the FLKR FAM! 





How to insert your lighter into you new lighter cover in three steps.

Step one: Make sure that your Bic lighter is a classic nude design. Must have no additional wrapping on the lighter!
Step two: Then take the Bic lighter and place it at the base of the FLKR LYTR- Push to the top until firmly gripped.
Step three: Now you can flick the FLKR LYTR for entertainment or enjoy the
functionality of the lighter whenever needed!

FLKR LYTR: Pronounced flicker lighter 

Standard BIC Lighters which work with FLKR LYTR Lighter Case Lighter Cover and Lighter Sleeve
Please note: Bic lighters with additional wrapping on them WILL get jammed in the FLKR LYTR! Make sure to remove wrapping or get a standard naked Bic.  
BIC Lighter how to insert into your FLKR LYTR Lighter Case Lighter Cover and Lighter Sleeve
BIC Lighter how to remove lighter from your FLKR LYTR Lighter Case Lighter Cover and Lighter Sleeve







This page is made just for you - thanks for scanning! If you have more questions please email us at



Makre sure to insert the PLAIN BIC lighter at the bottom of the FLKR LYTR- the lighter must not have additional wrapping on the lighter!


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