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FLKR LYTR: Mutli-color Retail Display Box Case for BIC® | FLKR LYTR - $125.00

FLKR LYTR: Mutli-color Retail Display Box Case for BIC® | FLKR LYTR - $125.00

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The FLKR LYTR Display Box

Display box, 25 ct

Designs: DRK NYTE, High Alien, Trippy, So High, and Mushroom Garden 

MSRP $9 - $13 retail price per FLKR LYTR.

If you are a store owner/ manager, we super highly strongly recommend your store offers FLKR LYTR's with Bic lighter included. 

*Lighters not Included in shipping*

About this item:

  • Enhance Your Lighter Game: Experience a new level of convenience and entertainment with the FLKR LYTR Flicker Lighter for a unique and enjoyable accessory.
  • Express Your Personal Style: Add a touch of personality to your lighter with the FLKR LYTR. Choose from a wide selection of captivating and fun designs that showcase your individuality while providing reliable protection for your Clipper or Bic lighter.
  • Stay Entertained Anytime, Anywhere: The FLKR LYTR provides a source of stress relief and entertainment, making it perfect for relieving boredom during downtime or social gatherings.
  • Perfect Gift for Any Occasion: Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful and practical gift. The FLKR LYTR makes a great gift for for anyone who appreciates a functional and stylish accessory.
  • How to Use: Ensure you are using a plain (no decoration) Standard lighter. Slide the lighter into the bottom of the spinner cover until fully in place. Given the snug nature of the case, you may have to apply a little force when inserting and removing the lighter for the first time. Once properly in place, enjoy spinning!
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